Dr. Frank Thomas, Featured Speaker for Spring 2017 Discovery Week


What is Discovery Week at American Baptist College? We are glad you asked that question. Discovery Week is when students, prospective students, and the entire campus are invited to take the time out to discern their purpose and direction in life. Discernment, of course, is a life long exercise, but "Discovery Week" at ABC is an intentional time to gather, talk, listen, and pray for direction and discernment. American Baptist College is an ideal place to encounter professors, mentors, and fellow companions dedicated to help students ask the right questions about the direction they are supposed to take. But it begins with choosing the right college.

 Here's what we say: We can help you here at American Baptist College.  We want to engage you in a conversation about vocational discernment. Who am I? Is there something more I am supposed to be doing with my life? Sometimes it helps to get in a place where you can listen and learn. A place surrounded with people who are devoted to helping you discover who you are and what your place is in God’s world

Our Spring 2017 Discovery Week Featured Speaker was Dr. Frank A. Thomas, Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Homiletics and Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration at Christian Theological Seminary of Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Thomas shared with us two provocative messages during Discovery Week: "Wisdom of the Ages" and "Did God Make a Mistake?" Wow!