Civil Rights Activists Are Planning Ways To Go Forward In The New Year


December 31, 2014

Civil rights activists are planning ways to go forward in the new year after the events we saw in 2014 starting in Ferguson, Missouri. a group of young people from various parts of the country, including St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, and North Carolina, just wrapped up several days of meetings at the American Baptist College here in Nashville. They've been planning and strategizing and talking about out the meaning of the movement and and how to make sure the message doesn't get lost. We have been so proud as an institution here at American Baptist College to host them and to support their public voices against injustice and the things that seem to be wiping away a generation due to violence on on our streets. A member of the group from here in Nashville talked with us us about why taking action is so important. People are comfortable in their day-to-day lives, just, going around and not realizing the oppression that other people are under. So when we block a highway, we inconvenience you for ten minutes. But we all prepared for the inconveniences that oppressed people go through every day.  They didn't tell us specific details about their steps, but the Doctor Harris told us each person is taking what's been talked about to their homes for more thinking, planning and to to share with others in their parts of their the country.