Discover 12 Fiction Books that Will Change Your Theology

College students do not like reading books, says some. But there are plenty reasons why books are worth reading.  Take for example:

  • Books widen your vocabulary.
  • Books help students find new models for academic writing.
  • Books improve your cognitive skills.
  • Books expand your view of the world around you.
  • Books let students remember grammar and punctuation rules automatically.
  • Books help students learn a subject better.

Getting an education is not just about preparing yourself for a great job. Education is a path to life. Reading helps you to become an expansive thinker and speaker. If you do not have the tools to think critically and examine your own life, your potential for a great career and for a meaningful life will be minimal.  Reading teaches you about other lives and other times and allows you to apply them to our own. It allows you to compare your experiences with the experiences of characters who have been created by writers to make a point. Listening with full attention and commitment to another person’s story is perhaps the first step in learning to love them. And when we give our imaginations over to the stories of imaginary characters, especially ones who are seemingly unlike anyone we would ever dream of meeting in real life, we engage in a similar process.