What Makes ABC An Open Access College?

​What Do We Mean When We Say We Are An Open Access College?


  • We believe every high school graduation or GED recipient should have the opportunity to pursue a college degree.
  • We believe in admitting students based on their potential and not on their test scores.
  • We believe a quality education should be accessible to all. 
  •  We believe that smaller colleges create a nurturing learning environment that allows students with different learning abilities to be successful. 
  • We believe HBCUs like ABC play a critical role in society by assisting under-served Black students to excel academically, socially, and professionally.
  • We believe in educating students for THEIR future and not for someone else's past.
  • We believe every student has the potential for leadership.
  • We believe every student has a contribution to make, and upon graduation from college part of that contribution is to make the world better than one found it.